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Any visit to New York City should be preceded by research to find out about the latest square news for the Greenwich Village area. With a large Any visit to New York City should be preceded by research to find out about the latest square news for the Greenwich Village area. With a large concentration of tourist attractions and a reputation of being one of the central points in the world for culture, the Village is a must-see for any tourist. To find out about the latest happenings going on in Greenwich Village, a visitor should use the washingtonsquarenews.com website and other available resources. This website offers an assortment of information on exhibitions, concerts, square news, and activities that often take place in and around the Village and the park .

Although it is sometimes dwarfed by the larger Central Park, the Washington Square Park is probably the second most popular park in the entire city. This is because much of the park has an open feeling and is often used for cultural events as well as standard park activities. At the heart of Greenwich Village, the park has become a center for artists and musicians, being surrounded by the campus of New York University. There are a number of famous tourist sites located in and around the park, including the arch that is found on the north face of the green space.

In the Washington Square NY area, there are a number of hotels that a person can choose from. Because of its central location, the area makes an excellent home base to branch out and explore the reaches of the city. If expense is not an issue for a visitor, perhaps the best of the Washington Square hotels is the Trump Soho New York. Although this hotel has a high price, it also boasts an impressive list of amenities. Those on a tighter budget may wish to look at either the Chelsea Inn or The Jane Hotel, both of which offer considerable value. By staying up to date on Washington Square news, a visitor may be able to get a promotional rate when rooms go on sale.

In addition to hotels, the Washington Square NY area is also home to a wide range of restaurants and other dining options. While the hot dog carts and pizza vendors may be good for a meal on the run, the upscale dining options of the square are some of the best in the world. The washingtonsquarenews.com website has useful info about some restaurants some of which are old established business and others are relatively new openings. Le Gigot and Blue Hill are two eateries that consistently get good ratings from diners. No visit to New York City is complete without a visit to Washington Square and a tourist can read about square news using the previously mentioned website and local print publications.

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is one of the most famous parks in the city of New York. This park has been part of many cultural and political events. There have also been several films taken place at the park. An example is the series called Curb Your Enthusiasm, which filmed one of its episodes at the park, which was based on a interest by Larry David. Larry's interest of being at the park. Find more details about Washington Square Park by clicking here.

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